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About Us

Omega Car Detailing & Cleaning is a professional mobile Detailing and upholstery cleaning company that provides full mobile detailing service for all your Auto Detailing needs. We also perform a deep and long-lasting upholstery cleaning by using our most popular deep extraction method, remove any stains and suck back any drippings from your upholstery which makes your upholstery look like new. We also do leather treatment by cleaning and applying treatment on your leather upholsteries which give them a new life. 

We are professional, honest, reliable and police checked. On top of that we are just a call away. Our professional staff brings everything needed to do the detail and cleaning on site and we are a few detailing companies that use eco-friendly products. 


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Why Choose Us

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Eco Friendly

All our chemicals are Eco-Friendly and safe to use. 

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Hand Wash

We care for your valuable vehicles like our own. Our friendly and professional staff wash your cars with due care and use soft and clean sponges to prevent any swirl marks and scratches. Our Hand washing techniques remove every possible dirtiness from your cars and gives your car a new shine. 

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Interior Clean

We use special equipment and provide attention to detail while detailing your interiors. Our most popular deep extraction method sucks any possible drippings like sauce, coffee, milk, juice and any other impurities from your seats and carpets.  

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Engine Clean

Last but not least we use special techniques to clean your engine bays by applying special chemicals which degrease and clean your engines like new. We provide special care while doing this to secure your automobiles from any possible damage.